0ecdbf4d4e1121d57ce9ed90485d0e46e0464811 צלם חרדי | משה חיים ואסתר כץ צלמים חרדים | פרימיום קלאס

Our art is timeless


Catching the most beautiful and exciting moment in the event, that's what we do every day class always stays in fashion.

When you work with us, you always get more. My wife and I work together as one team,

the uniqueness of our work is that we shoot in the same style.


As graduates of the New York Institute of Photography, our styles are compatible.


What does this mean to you as a customer? It means that the pictures we take,

she, on the feminine side and I, on the male side will have the same maximum quality and without color differences.

We will not miss a moment of the important moments in the event because we are shooting simultaneously on both sides of the partition

צלם חרדי | Moshe Chaim & Ester Katz Premium Wedding Photographers

Jewish Orthodox Wedding Photography

We take pictures of Jewish weddings worldwide.
Moshe Chaim & Ester Katz
Premium Wedding Photographers


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