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Jewish Orthodox Wedding Photographers | צלם חתונות חרדי

Jewish Photographers | צלם חרדי

When you order us, you get more than you could expect. My wife and I work in a team, we take pictures in the same style, this means that photos from the male and female parts will be executed equally beautifully, there will be no difference in colours and quality of photos. We will not miss the best moments, since we simultaneously take pictures on different sides of the mechitza.

Jewish Wedding Photographers | צלם חתונות חרדי

Our exclusive feature is working with light. We use Studio lighting  only on the shooting on the background. Our ability to work with light in conjunction with the most modern cameras and high-speed lenses allows us to use only a flash and not to place flashes around the hall, so in our photos you will not see white umbrellas and random light flashes on the sides. Most importantly, if you ordered a beautiful room with beautiful colour lighting with our technique of working with light, we will be able to convey the entire light atmosphere, in contrast to photographers using flash units arranged around the hall.

Jewish Events Photographers | צלם אירויעם חרדי

It is written on our main page that we are photographing in the Documentary style. You may have asked a question: What does this mean?

This is one of the classic styles of photography that conveys the mood of the event. The shooting is conducted in a reporter's style, the photographer does not interfere with the course of events. All photos in which a posing is required, we do it naturally, that is, for example, if we need to take a photo of a bride going, we will ask the bride to actually go, and not pretend that she is going. Therefore, our photos are natural and not faked. We will not ask the bride to climb onto the roof of the car and we will not put the groom so that the bride is on his palm, why ?! Because it contradicts the classic documentary photography! And what's wrong with the "bride on the roof"? Well, for example, the fact that such photos in 5-10 years will go out of fashion and will look strange and funny. Imagine the situation: the grandson looks at his grandmother's photos from the wedding and sees her on the roof of the car, what will he think of his grandmother? Photos that we do, never, yes, we have not made a reservation, will never go out of fashion and will always be interesting, will cause joy or tears or tears of joy, when you look at them. Our photos will not leave you indifferent. Your great-grandsons will be fascinated to watch them!

Jewish Orthodox Wedding Photography